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Bringing the golden age of the Wildwoods back to life through a series of historical documentaries 

About Us / Contact

     Contact Us:

      Scott Hand - Co-Producer, Historian, Author
      can be reached by phone at: (609) 827-7363
      Diane Pooler - Co-Producer, Professional Film &
                               Video Editor, Historian, Author
      can be reached by phone at: (856) 589-9128
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If you have film footage and/or photos you think  
      we should consider including in one of our
      documentaries, contact us and let us know at the
      above email address.  If we decide to use your
      materials, we will pay for the professional transfer
      of these materials to DVD, you will receive a copy
      of the transfer at no charge, and all materials will
      be returned to you as they were received.

      Currently we are seeking film footage and photos 
      of Wildwood attractions from the 1940's - 1990's: 
      Hunt's Pier, Marine Pier, Playland, Sportland Pier,
      Casino Arcade, Fun Pier, Hunt's Starlight Ballroom,
      Hunt's Theatres, Dracula's Castle and Nickel's
      Midway Pier.  Also seeking film footage & photos
      of Brigantine Castle.

      **You must own the materials you wish us to  
      consider and/or have full rights to their usage.**

     (We highly recommend visiting these sites)
     Anthony's Boardwalk Site - terrific site dedicated
     to the Wildwood Boardwalk and its amusement
     piers, past and present.
     Another great site dedicated to the Wildwood
     Boardwalk and its amusement piers.
     Up-to-date news, events and more, pertaining
     to all things Wildwood.  Check it out!
     The name says it all.  Premiere site regarding
     dark rides.
     Site for Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts!
     The Wildwood Crest Historical Society
     The Historical Society's Museum is located on
     Heather Road, between Atlantic and Ocean 
     Avenues, in the Crest Pier Building, WW Crest, NJ
     For info, call: 
(609) 729-4515

     We also highly recommend a visit to the
     Wildwood Historical Society / George F. Boyer   

     Wildwood Historical Society/George F. Boyer   

3907 Pacific Ave, Wildwood ,NJ  08260
     Phone:  (609) 523-0277

     If you have a link you'd like us to consider
     posting here, email it to the address at the top   
     of the page.
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