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Bringing the golden age of the Wildwoods back to life through a series of historical documentaries 

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   Bringing the golden age of the Wildwood boardwalk back to life through a series of historical documentaries.
Seated in the far southern Atlantic coastal region of New Jersey, are the three sister towns of Wildwood, North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest, known collectively as The Wildwoods.  This area has long been a popular summer vacation spot, known for its spacious beaches and thrilling amusement piers.  In the period from the mid 1950's through the mid 1980's, the Wildwoods experienced a golden age of sorts.  It's no small coincidence that this renaissance coincided with the baby boom which began following WWII.  The Hunt family introduced custom-built, one-of-a-kind amusement rides to the Wildwood boardwalk when they started Hunt's Pier in 1957; this, in addition to their very successful string of movie theatres, which they operated not only throughout Wildwood, but also in the neighboring towns of Cape May and Avalon as well, and Hunt's Starlight Ballroom.  There were other major players who operated amusement piers during the same time period:  Gil Ramagosa, who owned and operated Sportland Pier, Casino Arcade Park, and the famous boardwalk 'Tram Cars'.  Joe Barnes had Fun Pier.  And the Cedar-Schellenger Corporation had Playland and Marine Pier (the former would later become the site of Dracula's Castle, and the latter would eventually be bought by the Morey family, and re-developed into the still-existing Mariner's Landing).  The Moreys entered the Wildwood amusement business in 1969, starting Morey's Surfside Pier with nothing more than a giant slide.  But they have gone on to create an amusement dynasty in Wildwood, and were responsible for stretching the 'golden age' of the Wildwoods into the 1980's. Marksman Entertain-ment's productions are currently focused on but certainly not limited to Wildwood; future productions will focus on other well-loved but now defunct amusement attractions in the New Jersey Shore area.

No other film-makers have covered the golden age of the Wildwood boardwalk amusement piers during this time period more thoroughly than Marksman Entertainment, with such productions as The Hunt's Legacy and Fun Pier: Roaring Back To Life.  Using exclusive archival film footage (most never-before-seen), photographs and interviews with those involved, producers Scott Hand and Diane Pooler are proud to bring that golden age of Wildwood back to life through a series of historical documentaries, soon to be available on DVD!  Scott Hand and Diane Pooler have also co-authored a new book entitled  Fun Pier: 1957 To Adventure Pier
released by Arcadia Publishing on July 9, 2012.  Click on the link to order a copy or go to the News & Events page for details!

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